Wondershare Pixcut: The Best Tool to Remove a Watermark

Your one-stop solution for fast and precise image editing. Powered by cutting-edge AI, effortlessly remove backgrounds and watermarks, ideal for a broad range of personal and professional applications.




  • AI-Powered Background Removal
  • Easy Watermark Erasure
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Compatibility with Windows and MacOS
  • Android Mobile Application (In-progress)
  • Figma Plugin for Easy UI Design
  • Shopify Exclusive Plugin
  • API Integration for Custom Applications
  • Bulk Background Removal
  • Custom Background Editor (Upcoming)

Content creators sometimes use stock photos or videos but want to remove watermarks to create copyright-free content. Note that this is only ethical and legal if they have purchased the rights to use the content but the watermark remains as a form of branding.

How to remove watermark with Wondershare Pixcut ?

Use case: I am a content creator and I received an order from a company that makes wax candles. My task was to write a post-advertisement in social media. The company has not yet had time to photograph their product, so I had to take a stock photo, but it had a watermark. Wondershare Pixcut helped me to solve this problem!

1.  Visit the Wondershare Pixcut website. Register or log in to your account.

2.  Click "Remove Watermark Now", then "Upload Here" and upload your photo.

3. Manually select the area where our watermark is located. You can customize the size of the marker.

4.  Click the "Remove Watermark Now" button and after a short wait we get the finished photo! If you doubt the result, you can over the finished photo again highlight with a marker the areas to be removed.

5. Click "Download" to download the finished photo.

Our "before" and "after" :

Now we can safely use the candle photo and have no doubts about a good audience response!

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