Mirage — AI Video Generation and 3D Asset Search

A powerful tool for AI-driven video generation and 3D asset search, empowering content creators and artists to bring their ideas to life with dynamic visuals.





Experience the seamless fusion of AI-driven video generation and an expansive library of searchable 3D assets with this powerful tool. Unlock your creative potential as a content creator, video producer, 3D artist, or researcher. Generate captivating videos by importing your own assets and composing scenes effortlessly. Discover the perfect 3D asset from a vast collection of nearly 1 million searchable options, with lightning-fast search times. Transform your NeRFs, photogrammetry captures, or 3D models into dynamic visuals, or generate 3D assets from images or prompts. Embrace the magic of AI and 3D technology for unparalleled content creation possibilities.

  • AI video generation with user-imported assets
  • Extensive library of searchable 3D assets
  • Fastest search with an average time of 50ms
  • Instant 3D asset generation from images or prompts

1. Visit the tool's website and click on "Open App" to access the tool

2. Create a new account by following the registration process

3. Begin using the tool by either uploading your own 3D asset or starting with one of the provided examples

4. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the tool's features. If needed, click on "Tutorial" located at the top right corner for a simple and quick walkthrough on how to use the tool

Check out this video that showcases what the tool can do:


The tool offers AI-driven video generation and a comprehensive library of searchable 3D assets. Users include content creators, video producers, 3D artists, AI enthusiasts, game developers, and researchers. It enables dynamic visuals and empowers creativity. With fast search and instant 3D asset generation, it accelerates project workflows. However, specific limitations are not provided.

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