Starry AI

Starryai: transform words into art with AI

AI art generator app where you enter a text prompt, and its AI transforms your words into art. It simplifies the laborious process of AI art generation, making it accessible to aspiring creatives.





  • AI-generated prompt-based designs
  • 4 types of generated content: Art, Photos, Illustrations, Your styles
  • Collaborate with other users
  • Create a custom style
  • Explore other users' work
  • Month-based subscription with a renewable limit


  1. Visit the tool's website.
  1. Click on any of the buttons that says "Create" and authorize with Google or Apple account. After that, you are immediately offered 5 starting credits and more to buy. This is what the page looks like after claming the free credits.
  1. Click on "Create" at the top again and choose the type of content you would like to create. We choose to try "Illustrations". We set a prompt to generate a window view in Amsterdam, we also specify that we don't want to see cars or motorbikes. Style: detailed without a start image.
  1. After waiting around 30 seconds, we got 4 amazing illustrations! It's surprising how different they are!
  1. Now, let's try to give it a start photo. Let's set to control structure with it. Besides that, you have other image modes: "color", "depth", "scribble" (base generation on the sketch of the start image). The rest of the configuration stayed as before.
  1. This time, we got these 4 images. As promised, the structure is kept. We could only notice the change in color. Well, can't complain - that's what we asked :)

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