Neurite: Fractal Mind Mapping & Long-Term Memory AI

A cutting-edge AI tool that combines fractal mind mapping with long-term memory capabilities, offering a unique and intuitive way to organize information. Unleash the power of the Mandelbrot set and AI integration to revolutionize how you visualize and interact with knowledge.





Neurite is a game-changing AI tool that combines fractal mind mapping and long-term memory capabilities, revolutionizing how we organize information. With its immersive interface and integration with AI models, Neurite offers an intuitive solution for efficient information exploration and recall. Whether you need a robust note-taking platform, a visual thinking aid, or an enhanced AI interaction tool, Neurite provides a transformative experience for seamless information organization.

  • Fractal mind mapping interface
  • Integration with OpenAI API
  • Long-term memory capabilities
  • Webpage/PDF extraction
  • HTML/Python rendering
  • Embedding of text, photos, audio, video, PDFs, and i-frame content
  • Node-based memory for conversation history
  • Local vector embedding model
  • Local server support for Wikipedia, Wolfram, and web scraping
  • Search functionality
  • Zettelkasten method for creating and connecting nodes
  • Customizable and accessible interface
  • Support for AI models and chat interfaces
  • Saving and retrieval of content
  • Future development plans for webLLM support, VR integration, and more


1. Visit the Neurite website

2. Explore the provided controls listed in the "?" tab to understand how to navigate and interact with the interface

3. Drag and drop files from your local system onto the fractal or paste embed links directly onto the fractal to embed text, photos, audio, video, PDFs, or i-frame content

4. Obtain an OpenAI API key to interact with the AI. You can communicate with the AI by creating nodes through Shift + double click and connecting nodes through Shift + click. The AI's responses will be displayed as notes and connections within the mind map

5. offers various features such as web search, webpage/PDF text extraction, Wikipedia summaries, and Wolfram Alpha results. You may need to set up corresponding servers or input API keys through the AI tab of the menu dropdown to access these features

6. Use the search feature to locate specific windows containing desired text. Save text windows and connections via the Save tab, although saving non-textual content may require re-insertion

7. Type into the main text area to create and connect nodes, allowing for a tree of thought reasoning process within the Mandelbrot set


Neurite emerges as a powerful AI tool that combines fractal mind mapping with long-term memory capabilities, offering an innovative and intuitive approach to information organization. With its unique features and potential for future development, Neurite holds the promise of transforming the way we interact with knowledge and unlock new dimensions of understanding.

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