NightCafe Studio: AI-Powered Artistic Inspiration

NightCafe is a text-to-image tool with a free plan offering 5 credits and a subscription option. With an impressive range of algorithms and various styles for image generation, users can create and share art. Upvoting by fellow users adds to the interactive experience. Additional credits can be purchased at varying prices, ranging from 0.03 to 0.08 per credit based on quantity. Unleash your creativity with NightCafe.





NightCafe is an innovative text-to-image tool that offers a generous free plan with 5 credits, along with a subscription option for enhanced features. Setting itself apart, NightCafe boasts a remarkable array of algorithms, surpassing other platforms in variety. With its diverse selection of styles for image generation, users can effortlessly create stunning artworks. Sharing their creations is made easy, as other users can engage by upvoting the artwork they admire. For those seeking more credits, NightCafe offers a flexible pricing structure ranging from 0.03 to 0.08 per credit, depending on the quantity purchased at once. Explore the endless artistic possibilities and unlock your imagination with NightCafe.


  • AI-generated prompt-based designs
  • Several available styles for image generation (Anime, Striking, etc.)
  • Several AI models
  • Good image quality requires more credits
  • Collaborate with other users
  • Participate in daily challenges
  • One low-quality image per prompt is free


  1. Visit the tool's website.
  2. In the top corner, click on the user icon and select "Log in".
NightCafe's main page
  1. For log in, a user has several options: via Google, Facebook or password. Choose the options that suits you best.
  2. The page for image generation will be opened soon after you log in. You can choose mode (Advanced or Default), write the text prompt, choose style, quality, aspect ratio, and number of images to generate. Keep in mind that some settings change the number of credits used for the project!
  1. For the prompt "Penguins are playing on ice" we got this image generated.
  1. You can copy or download the image by hovering over the bottom of the image and finding the required button.


Enjoy a free plan with 5 credits or upgrade for enhanced features. With a wide range of algorithms and styles, effortlessly create stunning artworks. Share and engage with the community through upvoting. Use it as inspiration or a way to enhance your texts and make them more interactive! However, prepare to upgrade for better quality of images.

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