AI-Powered Video Ads - Fast, Easy & Affordable

AI-powered video ad creation tool that can automatically generate video ads using a user’s existing branding and assets. It can create video ads in various formats and sizes. You can also upload the image of your product and Theye will generate incredible quality images by AI to add it to your video!





Struggling to create eye-catching video ads that resonate with your audience? Theye puts the power of AI in your hands, letting you generate professional-looking video ads effortlessly. No design experience is necessary!


  • AI-Powered Creativity: Theye doesn't just automate ad creation – it uses AI to come up with fresh and engaging video concepts based on your brand identity and existing assets.
  • Multiple Formats and Sizes: Generate video ads in various sizes to perfectly fit any ad platform, from social media stories to website banners.
  • Seamless Customization: Tailor your ads to perfection. Theye allows you to upload your own images and videos, ensuring brand consistency and a message that resonates.
  • Sophisticated Audio: Enhance your ads with professional voiceovers and captivating background audio curated by Theye's AI.
  • Designer's Touch: Each video is meticulously refined by industry designers, guaranteeing a polished and memorable ad experience.
  • No Watermark, All Brand: Showcase your brand with confidence. Paid plans remove Theye's watermark, ensuring a seamless and professional presentation.

1) go the main page:

2) press on "Generate a free video" and choose the format:

3) add some details about your video and get your advertisement ready!


No more wasting time and resources on complicated video editing software. Leverage Theye's AI to generate high-quality video ads that grab attention and achieve your marketing goals!

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