Voice.ai: Free Real-Time Voice Changer

A free and real-time voice changer tool that allows users to modify their voice in various ways. It works by analyzing the audio input from a user’s microphone and applying selected voice effects or filters to alter the sound in real-time. Users may choose from a range of voice effects, including Politicians, Cartoons, Singers, or custom voices. Voice.ai also has a premium version which is paid and allows access high-quality audio and a wider range of voice effects.





Voice.ai is a real-time voice changer that will help alter your voice to one of several available voices. It can be used by online gamers to have fun while voice chatting, or by podcasts to become more creative!

  • Real-Time Voice Changer: access to applying voice effects in real time.
  • Voice Universe: access to thousands of free voices, including customized voices
  • Voice cloning: access to artificial simulation of a person’s voice.
  • Soundboard: access to use Voice.ai as a soundboard tool for your recordings.
  • Accessiblity: Voice.ai is compatible with most apps and games includng Discord, Zoom, CS:GO, Riot.
  • Easy Setup: Voice.ai is simple to download and only requires an account.
  • High Performance: Voice.ai is able to change your voice almost instantly.
Instructions (for Windows)

1. Visit voice.ai and press "Download Now":

2. Open the downloaded file and follow the installation process. Let it download the application files. This should take a minute or two:

3. Press “Finish” once it’s done and it will open the application. If you don’t want to open it every time you start your computer, simply uncheck the “Start with Windows” box:

4. Wait for the rest of the installation:

5. Sign up and log in:

6. Explore and use the application!

Here's a video tutorial!


Voice.ai is very easy-to-use useful for voice chats where users are provided with both a voice changer that is realistic and a soundpad. However, one limitation of the app is that the free version comes with a limited quality and use.

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