Whisper Memos: Record, Transcribe & Organize Your Thoughts

This innovative tool leverages cutting-edge AI technology to convert spoken words into written text effortlessly. It streamlines the process of capturing thoughts, ideas, and reminders by eliminating the need for traditional note-taking methods. Users can record audio on their phone and receive the transcriptions conveniently via email.





This innovative tool harnesses the power of AI technology to transform spoken words into written text with remarkable accuracy. It offers a seamless and efficient way to capture and transcribe your thoughts, ideas, and daily musings. With a simple press of a button, you can record your voice memos and receive the transcriptions conveniently via email. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional note-taking methods and embrace the ease and precision of voice-to-text transcription. Whether you need to keep a personal journal, take quick reminders, or document important information, this tool is your ultimate personal assistant. Experience the freedom of expressing yourself effortlessly and let this tool revolutionize the way you communicate and document your life

  • Voice-to-Text Transcription: Converts spoken words into accurate written text
  • Quick Recording: One-touch recording for capturing thoughts on the go
  • Email Delivery: Transcripts are conveniently sent to the user's email
  • Auto Paragraphs: Automatically breaks longer recordings into paragraphs for easy reading
  • Random Memory: Allows users to revisit older notes and recordings
  • Lock Screen Widget: Provides quick access to the recording feature directly from the lock screen

The developer of the tool has created a video tutorial on how to use the tool on the tool's website


The benefits of this tool include effortless capturing of thoughts and ideas, accurate transcriptions, and the convenience of accessing recorded content as written text. It saves time and enhances productivity by eliminating the need for manual note-taking. However, the tool's limitations may include occasional inaccuracies in transcription due to accent or background noise, and reliance on a stable internet connection for email delivery

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