Otter AI

Otter AI: Speech-to-Text Transcription Made Easy

Otter AI is a speech-to-text transcription application that uses artificial intelligence to transcribe audio recordings into written text.




Overview is an AI-powered transcription platform that converts spoken language into text in real-time. With high accuracy and ease of use, it is ideal for capturing and organizing audio content, making it valuable for professionals in various fields. also offers collaborative features, integration with popular tools, and powerful search capabilities, simplifying the process of transcribing and managing spoken information.

  • Real-time transcription
  • Speaker identification
  • Keyphrase highlighting
  • Search and playback

  1. Go to the website and create an account.
  1. Once you have created an account, you will be able to access the dashboard.
  1. You can either record a new audio or video file, or import an existing file.
  2. Once you have started recording, will begin transcribing the audio in real time.
  3. Once you have finished recording, will generate a full transcription of the audio.
  4. You can edit the transcription as needed.


If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use speech-to-text transcription application, Otter AI is a great option. It is available for free with limited features, or you can subscribe to a paid plan for more features.

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