Wonderslide: Fast Presentation Design with AI

Enhance presentation design quickly, customize, and maintain branding for your company.




  • Fast AI design
  • Easy customization
  • Brand consistency
  • One-click changes
  • .pptx export
Use Cases:
  • Sales Presentations: Sales representatives can quickly create and customize compelling presentations to showcase products and services.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Marketing associates can use the tool to design eye-catching presentations for campaign launches and updates.
  • Training Materials: HR managers and executives can create engaging training materials and onboarding presentations.
  • Executive Reports: Executives and account executives can use the tool for professional reports and business updates.
  • Administrative Tasks: Administrative assistants and interns can save time on document design and branding, ensuring consistency.
Let's see how the tool works:

1. After creating an account, we will be directed to a page where we can upload the presentation that we want to improve (For this example we will use the sample file provided by the tool)

2. Once we upload the file we will get multiple options to customize and edit the presentation

3. After pressing Generate, our presentation will be ready in a couple of seconds, we will be able to apply changes to the slides or download the presentation

Here is a video from the developers showing how the tool works:
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