Mastering Adobe's AI-Powered Tools: A Deep Dive into Firefly

Mastering Adobe's AI-Powered Tools: A Deep Dive into Firefly

June 24, 2023
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Image from Adobe Firefly official site

Adobe Firefly

Welcome to the exciting intersection of creativity and artificial intelligence - Adobe Firefly! While many are familiar with the generative fill in Photoshop, fewer are aware of Adobe's Web AI generative services, which also utilize the new Adobe Firefly engine.

Adobe Firefly comprises a collection of AI models designed to enhance creativity and expedite workflows in Adobe products by employing generative technology. The following products, enhanced with generative capabilities, are based on the Firefly engine:

All of them are more or less focused on generating images, but offer different possibilities. In the table below you can see a small comparison of the functionality.

*You can read more about Photoshop generative fill in the card

In this article, the focus will be on web tools, the main advantage of which is to quickly and easily start testing generative capabilities.

Whether you're an experienced Photoshop user, an Illustrator fan, or a design beginner, Firefly can add a new dimension to your projects. This article will guide you through web tools, the main of which is quick and easy start. Let's test some generative capabilities and enhance your creativity!

So get ready, it's time to explore the future of design with Adobe Firefly!

Before diving into the review, it's worth noting that a Creative Cloud account with a subscription that includes a “Photography Plan” is required.

Adobe Firefly Web (Beta)

Adobe Firefly Web offers the quickest way to evaluate Adobe's generative tools. This service is continuously evolving with plans to add new functionalities, such as "text to vector", “text to pattern”, and “personalized results”. The following features are currently available for testing:

Feature: Text to image

Simply enter your idea in the prompt box below and click "generate". For optimal results, don't hesitate to play around with different settings for styles, angles, and types of generated images.

Here are some examples of generations:

a) "iceberg on fire in the forest"                                                            b) "summer village near the river"

By default, the generator creates realistic images in "photo" mode and more fantastic images in "art" style. However, you can fine-tune these outputs using various settings. The right panel allows you to adjust color and tone, lighting, composition, material, effects, techniques, and more.

Example of changing style settings before generation:

a) Art                                   b) Art, shot from above                                           c) Marble

The generator doesn't always interpret prompts literally. For example, In the с), when asked to create something with "marble," it inserted marble figures into the scene.

One fascinating aspect of Firefly is that it maintains the basic shapes from one generation to the next, overlaying them with different styles.

Сompare the generated images of Firefly (left) and Midjourney (right) taken from this article.

While Firefly may lack some detailing compared to Midjourney, it compensates with a generative fill feature, as described in the next section.

After generating the image you like, you can save it or proceed to editing using the generative fill feature.

“sailboat in the middle of the desert with a cowboy nearby”

Feature: Generative fill

As in Photoshop, here you can insert an object, delete an object, change the background. However, to expand the image, you must first expand the canvas in another editor.

deleting an object
inserting objects and changing the background

Each generation can be selected from several options. You can control the fill using the settings: match shape, preserve content and guidance strength.

In addition to the style settings from the previous section, the image style can also be set by the image context during generative fill.

Feature: Text effects

This feature is self-explanatory. However, it's worth noting that downloaded generated content comes with a watermark, indicating that the content was generated. You can easily remove this watermark in Photoshop using the Generative Fill, just like with other watermarks.

“artificial intelligence from aliens”

Feature: Generative recolor

This innovative feature allows you to experiment with changing the color palette, much like you would in Adobe Illustrator. One challenge, however, is that not all .svg images are compatible with this feature.

For instance, we were unable to recolor a black cat, but successfully applied it to a tiger image with the prompt, "winter sunny day."

Adobe Express

Adobe Express distinguishes itself by providing an extensive range of manual photo editing options. It's perfect for creating promotional business cards, Instagram stories, posters, and more. The tool also integrates Firefly's generative tools, such as text to image and text effects.

These tools function in the same manner as described above, but now they can be layered, embedded in regular images, and much more. Adobe Express can potentially replace the desktop version for many tasks thanks to its abundance of ready-made usage patterns, accessible references, and ease of launch

In a rapidly digitalizing world, creativity and technology often intertwine, creating impressive results. Adobe's Firefly is a testament to this evolution, providing an array of generative tools that amplify creative possibilities and streamline workflow. With its impressive capabilities, it's clear that Firefly will not only keep Adobe at the forefront of the design industry but also redefine what's possible with AI in design.

From the initial exploration of textual prompts to the final product, each step in the creative process can be enhanced and redefined with Firefly. Whether you're creating detailed images from a simple text description or manipulating the aesthetic aspects of your creations with a few clicks, Firefly is truly a powerhouse tool.

So, whether you're a seasoned Adobe user or new to the realm of creative software, we invite you to dive in, explore, and push the boundaries of your creativity with Adobe Firefly. Explore with pleasure and find your perfect prompts! Generative tools can also help with the latter.

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