Skybox AI: Generate Stunning 360° Panoramic Images

An innovative AI-based tool that empowers users to effortlessly generate stunning 360° panoramic images. With its intuitive interface and powerful AI algorithms, Skybox AI offers creative control and a seamless workflow, unlocking the potential for immersive visual storytelling.





Skybox AI is an incredible tool that brings your creative visions to life by generating breathtaking 360° panoramic images. Whether you're a game developer, VR enthusiast, architect, or artist, Skybox AI opens up a world of possibilities. Say goodbye to the challenges of designing expansive landscapes or captivating backgrounds manually. With Skybox AI, you can effortlessly create immersive environments, solve the problem of time-consuming scene creation, and focus on unleashing your creativity like never before. Let your imagination soar as you bring your virtual worlds to stunning reality with Skybox AI.

  • AI-powered tool for generating 360° panoramic images
  • Create skyboxes from scratch using text prompts or sketches
  • Remix existing skyboxes to give them new styles
  • Choose from a variety of preset art styles
  • Generate high-resolution 6K images in latlong format
  • Sketch mode transforms rough doodles into detailed environments
  • Free user accounts for browsing and remixing previous skyboxes
  • Improved visual fidelity with AI Model V2
  • Suitable for games, VR, architectural visualizations, and more
  • Easy-to-use browser-based interface
  • Early access available for free


1. Visit the Skybox AI website and sign up for a free account

2. Once logged in, Choose the mode you want to use: "Create New" or "Remix This."

3. In "Create New" mode, provide a 400-character text prompt or sketch to describe the scene you want to create

4. If using "Remix This" mode, select an existing skybox and specify a new style or prompt to apply

5. Click the "Generate" button to let Skybox AI process your input

6. Wait for the AI to generate the skybox image. Once the image is ready, you can download it as a high-resolution 360° JPEG file in latlong format

7. If desired, you can also download a depth map associated with the image. Explore the various features and experiment with different styles and prompts to create unique skyboxes

Here is a video demonstrates how Skybox AI works:


Skybox AI revolutionizes the process of creating immersive environments by harnessing the power of AI. With its intuitive interface and AI-generated skyboxes, anyone can effortlessly generate stunning 360° panoramic images for games, VR experiences, and architectural visualizations. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional scene creation and unlock the potential for limitless creativity with Skybox AI.

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