Smart Study Hub: Efficient Learning Through AI

An AI-powered tool that generates questions from study materials, enabling efficient learning and knowledge testing.





After interacting with Smart Study Hub, it is an innovative and versatile learning tool. The way it personalizes questions and answers to match study materials offers a unique approach to understanding complex topics. Whether you're revising for exams or just exploring new subjects, the tailored engagement makes learning more interactive and focused. For anyone looking to deepen their understanding, enhance retention, and make study time more efficient, this tool might be a game-changer.


  • Intelligent question generation from various study materials.
  • Answers provided to enable self-assessment.
  • Personalized learning paths to target individual needs.
  • Enhances retention through interactive engagement.
  • Compatible with different subjects and levels of study.


  1. You can access this tool through this link.
  1. Now you should add API key (read this article on how to get an API key).

  1. Add your files and the tool will generate questions based on your selection.
  1. Answer the questions or review the provided answers.
  2. Repeat the process as needed, tracking progress and areas for improvement.
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